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Diego Miranda is a top celebrity hair stylist with more than twenty years of experience working with some of the industry’s most respected salons, photographers and directors.

With an ever growing list of clientele, talent and knowledge, he’s earnt himself a distinguished reputation as one of the leading hair stylists, artistic directors and educators in New York, Paris and London.

If you’d like to arrange a hair consultation or request Diego Miranda for an upcoming shoot or event, please email your requirements to


Katheryn Winnick ● Sophie Cookson ● Kristen Stewart ● Naomi Campbell ● David Hasselhoff ● Emma Stone ● Reshma Shetty ● Monica Bellucci ● Scarlett Johansson ● Lulu Gainsbourg ● Vincent Cassel ● Sigourney Weaver ● David Bowie ● Mickey Rourke ● Rachel Boston ● Alexandra Lamy ● Julia Roberts ● Neve Campbell ● Jane Fonda ● David Lynch ● Mary Murphy ● Courtney Cox ● Hayley and Taylor Hasselhoff ● Quincy Jones ● Elena Kuletskaya ● Julia Ormond ● Faith Salie ● Maria Arce ● Trish McEvoy ● Olivia Cipolla ● Dafina Zeqiri ● Aferdita Dreshaj ● Salma Hayek ● Carmen Electra ● Alice in Chains ● Andy Murray ● Alexa Chung ● Jeremy Piven ● Carey Mulligan ● Sophie Ellis Bextor ● Emma Miller ● Petra Bryant ● Jillian Murray ● Karolina Kurkova  ● David and Evan Yurman ● Charlotte Tilbury ● Coco Rocha ●